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Nurturing children's unique abilities to untap potential



…. because a child is always jumping and spinning around and can’t stay in the same place for long, they are deemed to be abnormal because their behavior is quite different from other children

… making noises, jumping, going up and down and spinning around makes other children and adults stand at a distance away and stare.

… where anything that is abnormal is attributed to witchcraft.

… where parents are suffering because they are blamed and told they did something real bad and have been cursed that is why they have given birth to such a child – a child who makes noises, is constantly jumping around, going up and down and is constantly spinning around

… where such children are thought to be cursed by the gods or is the result of bewitchment or cursed families being punished.

… where parents who give birth to these children believe the child is not going to be able to provide for them in their old age and so such children are not worth wasting time and effort on.

… where having a child with any disability can bar the parent from taking part in the community even from taking part in business 

 …when a child who drools and “looks funny” is hanging around your stall while you are trying to sell fruit? No one would buy! And neither can the parent leave the child at home and go to the farm because you have to watch over them…

… where ….just like any other place in the world … people care and worry about what other people will say.

… where the effects of having special needs children affects the whole family’s ability to fend for itself

… where having a special needs child might mean nobody marrying into that family

… where other parents withdraw their children from school when a student with a disability enrolls because they do not want their child to catch “it”

…. where without information and the raising of awareness some teachers still resort to caning special needs children to get them to stop spinning around, jumping about etc because the behaviours displayed are that of a stubborn child Click here to edit text

That is the world where Creating New Beginnings wants to make a difference in the lives of these special needs children with so much potential.

And that world is Ghana in sub-sahara Africa.

Fortunately there are people like Cornelia and the team at Creating New Beginnings, a non-profit charitable trust, most of the team resident in London, UK who want to transform the lives of these children and release their potential.

Creating New Beginnings in partnership with other non-profit organizations with a similar vision are putting in place resources to raise awareness about the immeasurable potentials of these very special children; and about the strategies that educationists can apply to get the best out of the children as well as raising awareness and keeping the Ghanaian public informed that the behaviours are as a result of different medical conditions and not a curse or bewitchment.